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Get the tools to master colored pencils faster and easier so you can start your journey as a successful colored pencil artist!

Click on a tutorial below to be forwarded to my Patreon page for more information.

Landscape, Automobile, Jeep colored pencil drawing
Barn Owl Colored Pencil Drawing
Spaniel Colored Pencil Drawing
Hydrangeas Tutorial
Jeep Tutorial
Barn Owl Tutorial
Abby Tutorial
Horse's Eye Colored Pencil
Horse Eye Tutorial
Rabbit Colored Pencil Drawing
Ocelot Colored Pencil Drawing
Spring Rabbit Tutorial
Yawning Ocelot Tutorial
Multicolored Cattle Dog Colroed Pencil Drawing
Merlin Tutorial
Landscape, boat scenery Colored pencil drawing
Boat Scenery
Wire Hair Pointer colored pencil drawing
Wire Hair Pointer Tutorial
Cats eye colored pencil drawing
Cat's Eye Tutorial
Leopard Appaloosa Horse Colored pencil drawing
Leopard Appaloosa Tutorial
Harvest Mouse colored pencil drawing
Harvest Mouse Tutorial
Dog tongue colored pencil drawing
Dog's Tongue Tutorial
naked Guinea pig colored pencil drawing
Skinny Pig Tutorial
Black cat colroed pencil drawing
Autumn Kitten Tutorial
Cats paw colored pencil drawing
Cat's Paw Tutorial
Untitled_Artwork 5.jpg


Instructional 3 day Workshop!

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