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Get the Tools you Need to Master Colored Pencils Faster So You Can Start Your Journey as a Successful

Colored Pencil Artist.

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Understanding Animal Anatomy is the BEST Way to Level Up your

Colored Pencil Pet Portraits and Increase Your Sales


   You’ll never guess how easy it is to start your own portrait business and how you can

start making extra income, FAST!

    Have you ever heard someone say "Draw what you see" ?  You know that it's not always that easy. Especially if you don't know WHAT you are seeing. Right? I've got one word for you...



    What IS Cornerstone? Cornerstone is a FULL online course that has been created with YOU in mind and for your needs as a colored pencil artist- so you can become the portrait artist you see yourself being. 

   When I was just starting out it was quite difficult to find information or the right supplies, what the wordage meant that other artists used, or even to ask a question- seemed like I was being talked down too on public groups and forums. This left me feeling quite flat as I searched for the career that I truly wanted. It felt unattainable to reach the masters that I was seeing producing phenomenal colored pencil work. 


   So something  needed to change.


Cornerstone was made as an indispensable and fundamental basis for colored pencils. It a place where artists can grow without the fear of being judged, or even ridiculed on their progress or starting point. Cornerstone is here to help you GROW and make your dream of being a portrait artist a reality.





    In Cornerstone all the information is broken down simply so you can actually SEE but most importantly UNDERSTAND  the anatomy and all the little details that make animals amazing.


  With over 50+ real-time tutorials and in depth anatomy lessons where you can work at your own pace, Cornerstone is the strong foundation that colored pencil artists are saying is truly helping them achieve their goals. Check out what some students are saying!



"The Cornerstone Colored Pencil Course is amazing and included so much more than I expected. I anticipated it would be full of techniques and tips. Although there was plenty of this, it included so much more, such as: mental preparation and artist mindset, color theory, animal bone and muscle structure and so much more!" ~Joe K.



"[Corinne’s] pricing is very reasonable, and she is always available to answer your

questions and provide any help and encouragement that you may need." ~Dennis T.


    I’d love to add YOUR story here someday. Can you imagine your first sale? Winning a ribbon at an art show? First Commission? ALL of these dreams are attainable for you!!


   With all of the students joining they are already seeing results, they are already gaining the knowledge and techniques to succeed. You don’t want to get left behind!



   I believe that everyone can be an artist and they should be allowed to be creative NO MATTER the level they are starting at. So it has become my dream to help as many people as possible find their creative-self and to pass the reality of being a successful colored pencil artist too.


   As you’ll see, I’m helping people understand animals and their bodies, how they move, non-verbal communication, differences between fur, color mixing and blending, how to achieve greater value and so much more. 





    With 8 weeks and over 50+ videos, as well as growing content this course could easily be worth $2,000. But that's where this deal gets BETTER! This deal is only $297 ! But I can't tell you that that's the best part- If you are one of the first 10 to join the Cornerstone Crew you will get 10 weeks of Personal 1:1 coaching and art instruction!   


    Did you know that personal coaches will charge you upward of $1,500 for their time? This is a HUGE savings in value and time for you. Especially when you are looking at it in terms of growth


I want to set you up for success and I believe in your growth personally and artistically.


You are worthy to create art!

Cornerstone Guarantees your growth in 8 weeks- or your money back! 

   If you don't see results in 8 weeks you can get a FULL refund, and I am confident that you will see the results and make a sale and  it will pay for the course! 

What would it mean to you to start SELLING your art?


   I talk to so many artists and the one thing that I see that they struggle with is Confidence. To put their work out for sale seems to be the BIGGEST challenge that they face- what price to place on the tag? How can you close a sale? What's the best bonuses to offer to clients to get them to buy? We can talk about all of that- 


But what would it mean to you if you started to see your work actually SELL?

Let’s see what others have experienced:


" has really built my self confidence to trust the process

and start believing in myself.."  


"I love [the] teaching style and I have learned more from [the]

tutorials than anyone else's [teaching]..."  


"I won first place in my fair last year!" 

Would you believe it if I told you this was only ONE student? with all those wins?! 


Congrats to Jamie V. She is hitting ALL of her goals!


Will YOU be the Next Artist With an AMAZING Testimony for Cornerstone?



   As you have seen, Joining Cornerstone has never been easier. So I want to get personal with you and tell you something that most people DON’T know about me...

   The truth is... I lacked self confidence, I spoke ugly to myself, and even though I thought I was at the top of my talent - I seriously lacked knowledge to grow m y dream into a real career. When I started my journey 6 years ago as a portrait artist and I would rush portraits and had no idea about any of the techniques that I needed to reach my goals of realism. I searched for mentors and longed to achieve what they had. Some days I would just throw my pencils down in frustration. I just couldn't break into the realism I wanted or could envision myself creating... and because I struggled so much- I don’t want you to …I want to pass the information along to YOU…

Frustration Doesn’t Need to be Part of Your Story.

   I had to DIG DEEP. I had to open myself to LEARNING again. I had to seek MENTORS.


   I had to dream a different kind of future for myself and my family, and I had to get to work on creating the REALITY that I had envisioned myself being the artist that I wanted to be... 



    I knew deep down I could do it -- I just didn't know how. Does this sound familiar? Maybe it really is your time to make a change, right? All of this and more is included in Cornerstone: how to be nicer to yourself and figure out if your inner talk is just mean... or if you can grow from it. You’ve got an 8-week guarantee, so you can test me out risk-free. If you don’t love the training, and you don't see positive results in 8 weeks, ask for a refund, and it's yours. No questions asked! 


But listen... sometimes, SOMETHING has to change.


   Sometimes going to endless craft shows just isn't going to cut it- Spending countless hours crafting things that might not sell.

But...When you can have a skill that stands out from others in the crowd-

That's when you WIN and thats when you generate income.



Maybe this is that moment for you. The moment when you WANT that skill that stands out- so you can bring in an income that not only helps you financially, but helps your family as well. I am confident that you will have growth in more areas of your journey than you thought you ever could...


and you will start to generate extra income doing something that you love!


But listen... sometimes, SOMETHING has to change. Maybe this is that moment for you. But I want you to know I’m here, and Cornerstone is open for YOU… So are YOU ready to become the newest member of the Cornerstone crew?

What is EXACTLY inside of Cornerstone:

  • Colored Pencil Technique Breakdown

  • Using Multi-Mediums Together

  • Lightfastness- What Does it Mean and is it THAT Important?

  • Drawing Eyes: The Window to the Soul

  • Animal Body Types

  • Drawing Fur Types- and What's the Differences

  • Recognizing Species Specific Traits

  • Recognize Weight Placement and How it Affects Muscle Structures

  • Drawing Paws and Hooves

  • Know Color Theory and the Color Wheel

  • Finding True Colors

  • Blending and Recognizing Base Colors

  • Drawing Animal Noses

  • Know The Techniques to Get the Look

  • Understanding Values and How to Use Them

  • What is the Benefit to Understanding Pressures

  • Drawing Animal Eyes- The differences and Similarities

  • Color Mixing and Target Colors

  • Layering and Blending/ Burnishing- Intro to the Ball Technique

  • Recognize Weight Placement in Animals and How it Effects What You're Seeing

  • Recognize Non-Verbal Animal Communication

  • Beating Procrastination

  • What's a Value Scale?

  • Weekly Mindset Goals- Training and Reset Exercises

  • Body Language and Understanding it so You Can Properly Draw it

  • What's Beneath the Fur and Feathers- Merge of Skeletal and Muscle Structures

  • Managing the "Mean" Voice Inside Your Head

And SO much more!



   I’ve poured myself into the course because I know the difference Cornerstone can make in your life and in any artist's life. No doubt some of my emails are passionate, but I wanted you to know I’m SERIOUS about helping you. That’s why I created this course - so YOU could start right now, right here, and get real training that helps you progress TODAY.



Don't be left behind letting other artists progress past you!



Corinne and the Cornerstone Team

   PS. Remember, you get a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t love it, then just request a refund upon completion of the course of 8 weeks. So, you’ve got time, and this will CHANGE YOUR ART JOURNEY. Just give yourself a chance - that’s all you have to do. If I’m not your mentor, no harm, no foul, ask for a refund. But if you’re like my other students, this day can literally be a new beginning for you as you master this topic. 

“Growth is uncomfortable; you have to embrace the discomfort if you want to expand.” 

-Jonathan Majors

colored pencil drawing

“…finally an artist who simplifies things and explains the fine details that matter so much! This is going to help me so much moving forward!”-Rick S. (Patreon Student)

colored pencil drawing

“…Her [Corinne’s] tutorial videos are well done, very thorough, and easy to follow. Even if you’ve never worked with colored pencils before, she will expertly guide you through proper technique and use of the materials…”     -Dennis T. (Patreon Student)

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